what is functional composition

What is Functional Composition?

Functional composition is a way to combine two or more functions to create a new function. This new function takes the output of one function as input to the other function and so on. The result is a series of functions that are composed together to form a single function.


Let's say we have two functions:

function addFive(x) { return x + 5; } function double(x) { return x * 2; }

If we want to create a new function that adds 5 to a number and then doubles it, we can use functional composition:

function addFiveAndDouble(x) { return double(addFive(x)); }

This new function takes an input 'x', adds 5 to it using the 'addFive' function, and then doubles the result using the 'double' function.

Functional composition is a powerful tool in functional programming as it allows us to create complex functions by combining simpler functions. It also makes our code more modular and easier to test, as we can test each individual function separately.

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