when do we use scroll listener in javascript

When Do We Use Scroll Listener In JavaScript?

Scroll Listener is a JavaScript event that is used when we want to perform some actions based on the scroll position of the user. We use it when we want to know how far the user has scrolled and then perform some actions accordingly. Usually, this event is used for infinite scrolling or lazy loading features of a web page.


Let's say we have a webpage that displays a list of items. Initially, we load only the first few items, and as the user scrolls down, we load more items. This is called infinite scrolling. To implement this feature, we need to use the scroll listener event.

 window.addEventListener('scroll', function() {
    if ((window.innerHeight + window.pageYOffset) >= document.body.offsetHeight) {
        // Load more items

In the above code, we are adding an event listener to the window object. Whenever the user scrolls, this function will be called. We check if the user has reached the bottom of the page by checking if the sum of the window height and scroll position is greater than or equal to the document height. If it is, then we load more items.


Another way to implement infinite scrolling is to use Intersection Observer API. It is a newer API that allows us to observe when an element enters or exits the viewport.

const options = {
  root: null,
  rootMargin: '0px',
  threshold: 1

const observer = new IntersectionObserver(function(entries) {
  if(entries[0].isIntersecting === true)
    console.log('Element has just become visible in screen');
}, options);


In the above code, we create an IntersectionObserver object that observes the #myElement. Whenever the element enters the viewport, the function will be called. We can then load more items or perform any other action.


Scroll Listener is a powerful JavaScript event that allows us to perform actions based on the user's scroll position. It is widely used for infinite scrolling and lazy loading features of a web page. However, we should use it carefully as it can affect the performance of our web page. We should always try to optimize our code and use alternative methods like Intersection Observer API if possible.

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