ws.browser regeneratorRuntime is not defined angular

ws.browser regeneratorRuntime is not defined angular

The regeneratorRuntime is not defined error typically occurs when you are using a version of Node.js that is incompatible with the version of Chrome or other browser you are running. This can happen if you are running an older version of Node.js and a newer version of Chrome, or vice versa.

If you are using Angular and seeing this error, it's likely because your browser is using an ES6 feature that Node.js does not support. This can be fixed by upgrading your Node.js version or by using a polyfill like Babel to enable the feature in your code.

Here is an example of a polyfill being used with Angular to enable the regeneratorRuntime feature:

import '@babel/polyfill';

angular.module('myApp', [])
  .controller('MyController', [
     function($scope) {
        // your code here

In the above example, the polyfill is imported as the first line in the application. This will enable the regeneratorRuntime feature, allowing your application to run without errors.

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