adonis hook

Adonis hook is a feature in the AdonisJs web framework that allows developers to easily create and use custom hooks. A hook is a section of code that is executed before or after a certain action or function. Hooks can be used to add additional functionality to your web application or to modify existing functionality.

// Register hook
const hook = use('Adonis/Hooks/MyHook')

const MyHook = hook.register(async ({ request }) => {
    // do something with the request

// Use hook
MyHook.execute({ request })

Hooks are a great way to keep your code DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) by separating out code that you want to use in multiple places. Instead of adding the same code to multiple places, you can write it once in a hook and reference it from other parts of your application.

Adonis also provides a number of built-in hooks that can be used to enhance your application. For example, the after hook can be used to add functionality to an HTTP request after it is completed, such as adding analytics tracking or logging.

There are a number of other ways that hooks can be used to add functionality to your application. To learn more about Adonis hooks, I recommend reading the Adonis documentation.

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