are you sure alert js

Are You Sure Alert JS?

As a web developer, I have come across situations where I needed to confirm the user's decision before proceeding with an action. This is where the "Are you sure alert" comes into play. It is a simple JavaScript function that displays a pop-up message to the user asking if they are sure they want to proceed with the action.

The syntax for this function is quite simple:

function areYouSure(){
   var confirmation = confirm("Are you sure you want to proceed?");
   if (confirmation == true) {
      //code to execute if user clicks "Ok"
   } else {
      //code to execute if user clicks "Cancel"

In this function, we first declare a variable called "confirmation" and assign it the value returned by the "confirm()" function. This function takes a message as an argument and displays a pop-up with an "Ok" and "Cancel" button. If the user clicks "Ok", then the value of "confirmation" will be true, otherwise it will be false.

We then use an "if" statement to check the value of "confirmation". If it is true, then we can execute the code that we want to run if the user confirms the action. If it is false, then we can execute the code that we want to run if the user cancels the action.

There are other ways to achieve the same result using different JavaScript functions such as "window.prompt()" or by creating a custom modal window. However, the "Are you sure alert" is a simple and effective way to confirm user decisions without having to add any additional libraries or code.

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