clear cache for require module

Clear Cache for Require Module

If you are a developer who uses Node.js, then you must be familiar with the require() function which is used to import modules in your code. Sometimes, you might face issues with the modules due to cache. In such cases, you need to clear the cache for the require module.

Method 1: Using delete

delete require.cache[require.resolve('./your_module')];

This method is very simple and easy to understand. In this method, you just need to use the delete keyword followed by require.cache and then specify the path of the module which needs to be cleared from cache using require.resolve().

Method 2: Using purge-module-cache Package

const purgeCache = require('purge-module-cache');

This method is more efficient and easy to use if you have multiple modules that need to be cleared from cache. In this method, you need to install the purge-module-cache package using npm install purge-module-cache. After installation, you just need to require it in your code and call its all() method to clear cache for all modules.

When to Clear Cache?

You might wonder when you should clear cache for the require module. Well, there are some situations where you might need to do it:

  • If you made changes to the module and it's not reflecting in your code
  • If you are using a library that caches the modules
  • If you are running multiple instances of your application and don't want to share cache between them

In conclusion, clearing cache for the require module is an important aspect of Node.js development. You can use either of the methods mentioned above depending on your need and preference.

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