cm to feet javascript

Converting centimeters to feet using JavaScript

As someone who has always struggled with the imperial system of measurement, I have often found myself needing to convert measurements from metric to imperial, and vice versa. One common conversion is centimeters to feet, which can be easily accomplished using JavaScript.

The Formula

The formula for converting centimeters to feet is simple:

feet = cm / 30.48;

It's worth noting that there are 30.48 centimeters in a foot.

The Code

Here's some sample code that demonstrates how to convert centimeters to feet using JavaScript:

function cmToFeet(cm) {
  var feet = cm / 30.48;
  return feet.toFixed(2);

var myCm = 175;
var myFeet = cmToFeet(myCm);

console.log(myCm + "cm is equal to " + myFeet + "ft.");

Let's break this down:

  • We first define a function called cmToFeet, which takes a single argument, cm.
  • Inside the function, we calculate the number of feet by dividing the number of centimeters by 30.48.
  • We then use the toFixed method to round the result to two decimal places.
  • The function returns the result.
  • We then define a variable called myCm and set it to the number of centimeters we want to convert.
  • We call the cmToFeet function, passing in myCm, and assign the result to a variable called myFeet.
  • Finally, we use console.log to output the result.

There are many other ways to accomplish this conversion using JavaScript, but this is a simple and straightforward method that should work for most cases.

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