curl -i -X GET ""

When you enter a command like the one above, it means you are attempting to get information from a remote server. In this particular case, we are trying to get a picture associated with the Facebook page. To understand how this command works, let's break it down into its parts. The first part, "curl", is an application that allows you to send requests to web servers and receive responses. The "-i" flag is an option that tells curl to include the response headers in the output. The "-X GET" part is an option that tells curl to make a GET request. The rest of the command, "" is the URL of the resource we are trying to retrieve. To show the result in a html div, you need to wrap it in

 tags, and add a class attribute to the code tag so that you can use syntax highlighting, like so: 

curl -i -X GET ""

This will allow you to use a syntax highlighter like highlight.js to make the code easier to read.

To make it easier to understand, the command will make a GET request to the URL specified, and will return the response headers in the output. The response will include the URL of the requested picture. 

Hope this helps!

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