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JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language and a class is a type of object. A class is a template for creating objects, and an object is an instance of a class. A JavaScript class is a type of function, and can be declared using the class keyword.

class MyClass {
  constructor() {
    // The constructor method is called automatically when the class is instantiated
  someMethod() {
    // Add class methods using the prototype property
const myInstance = new MyClass();

A JavaScript class can contain properties, methods, and constructors. Properties and methods are variables and functions that are associated with instances of the class. Constructors are special methods that are used to initialize objects. Classes can also contain static methods which are methods that are associated with the class itself, rather than with a particular instance of the class.

When a class is instantiated (created), an object is created from the class. The object is an instance of the class and contains the properties and methods of the class. To create an instance of a class, you use the new keyword.

const myInstance = new MyClass();

Once an object is created from the class, you can access the properties and methods of the object using dot notation.


You can also use the call method to call a method of an object. The call method takes two arguments, the object and the name of the method., 'someMethod');

The apply method works similar to the call method, but instead of passing the name of the method as a string, you can pass an array of arguments.

myInstance.apply(myInstance, ['someMethod', arg1, arg2]);

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