What is NetNinjaDev?

NetNinjaDev is a popular YouTube channel run by Shaun Pelling, also known as The Net Ninja. He creates video tutorials on web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and more. His tutorials are well-structured, easy to follow, and cover various levels of expertise.

Shaun aims to create a community of developers who can learn from each other and grow together. He encourages his viewers to ask questions, share their projects, and collaborate with each other.

How I discovered NetNinjaDev

As a self-taught developer, I struggled to find reliable resources to learn web development. I stumbled upon NetNinjaDev while searching for a tutorial on CSS Grid. I was immediately impressed by the quality of his teaching and the simplicity of his explanations.

I continued watching his videos and learned various topics, including JavaScript fundamentals, React hooks, and APIs. His tutorials were not only informative but also enjoyable to watch. His personality and humor made the learning experience more engaging.

NetNinjaDev's impact on my skills

NetNinjaDev played a significant role in my development journey. His tutorials helped me gain a strong foundation in web development and gave me the confidence to pursue more complex projects. I also learned valuable skills such as problem-solving, debugging, and collaboration.

Moreover, NetNinjaDev introduced me to a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for coding. I participated in his Discord server and joined coding challenges and discussions. It was inspiring to see the different projects that people were working on and to get feedback from others.

Code example using highlight.js

const greet = (name) => {
  console.log(`Hello, ${name}!`);


The code above is a simple JavaScript function that takes a name parameter and logs a greeting message to the console. This is an example of the type of code that The Net Ninja would cover in his JavaScript tutorials.

Other resources for web development

  • freeCodeCamp - A non-profit organization that offers free coding courses on various topics.
  • MDN Web Docs - An extensive documentation on web technologies.
  • Stack Overflow - A community-driven question and answer site for programmers.

These resources are also helpful for learning web development and have their own unique advantages.

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