Hackerrank - XOR Strings Solution
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Hackerrank - XOR Strings Solution

Hackerrank - XOR Strings Solution

In this challenge, the task is to debug the existing code to successfully execute all provided test files.

Given two strings consisting of digits 0 and 1 only, find the XOR of the two strings.

To know more about XOR Click Here

Debug the given function strings_xor to find the XOR of the two given strings appropriately.

Note: You can modify at most three lines in the given code and you cannot add or remove lines to the code.

To restore the original code in the editor, create a new buffer by clicking on the top left icon in the editor.

Input Format

The input consists of two lines. The first line of the input contains the first string, , and the second line contains the second string, .


Output Format

Print the string obtained by the XOR of the two input strings in a single line.

Sample Input


Sample Output



The XOR of the two strings  and  is .

Solution in Python

def strings_xor(s, t):
    res = ""
    for i in range(len(s)):
        if s[i] == t[i]:
            res += '0';
            res += '1';

    return res

s = input()
t = input()
print(strings_xor(s, t))

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